Manager Observation Guide Process

Mission Yogurt’s culture is one of growth. Growing the Team means having every employee knowing that there is growth from the position they are in now, into new and exciting challenges. It is the Managers’ responsibility to foster the success of their Team Members. To facilitate this growth under the spirit of Mission’s motto of Constant And Never-Ending Improvement, or C • A • N • I, the Observation Guide & Form aid in supporting the expansion of a Managers’ Team.

Before a Team Member can be promoted to a greater role, with increased responsibilities, a MANAGER OBSERVATION FORM must be completed. Here is a step-by-step guide to help.

  • Verify the date of hire of the employee, if they are due for an annual or 90 day review this needs to be completed first.

  • A complete review of the Position Descriptions is required. These can be printed out from > Careers > Job Descriptions Print both the current position along with the description that the Candidate will more to. Familiarize yourself with the additional responsibilities, a full over-view of the changes in duties and responsibilities will need to be discussed with the Team Member.

  • Complete the MANAGER OBSERVATION FORM. This form can be printed out from > HR resources and Forms > Review Forms. This form needs to be completed utilizing detailed responses in the MANAGER RESPONSE section. Justify and explain why and how the individual is excelling in their current position and how they will grow in their new role.

  • Submit a completed review (if applicable), a completed MANAGER OBSERVATION FORM, along with a completed PAY RATE CHANGE FORM, to Human Resources. As with any position, or pay change; no changes will be communicated to the employee until all necessary approvals have been received. Even upon approval, nothing on their documentation is intended to create a contract of employment for a specific term and all employment is At Will.

  • The submitting Manager will be notified via email in regard to the position title and pay changes. This will include the start date of the new position.