Join the Mission!

Mission Cares is a group within Mission Yogurt Inc. who are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of fellow employees and our communities by bringing support in times of need. Mission Cares is dedicated and driven to being a support mechanism for fellow Team Members in practicing employee engagement and the integration of team-spirit and support when times of crisis arise.

What Is Mission Cares?

Team Members who join the cause, by simply choosing an amount they want to contribute to the Care Fund, are apart of the Mission Cares Team. This means that each team member is contributing to a fund that can be used when emergencies strike any of the Mission Yogurt family.

How To Get Started

Mission Cares Guidelines

Our hope is to offer a service to the Mission Yogurt Inc. communities with support for years to come. In order to do so, our sustainability is critical. Thus, we do have guidelines in place to help us reach our goal of supporting members of the Mission Yogurt family with dignity.