Colorado: Worker’s Compensation

On-the-Job Procedures for Life-Threatening or Serious Injuries

  • Make sure the team member is taken care of. Immediately call the airport paramedics 303-342-4211, or get them to the nearest emergency facility
  • If you feel that an employee is falsifying an injury, please notify management immediately
  • The cure for an accident is prevention! Floor cones, slip resistant shoes, using your verbiage while using doors and walking behind others
  • All on the job injuries must be reported immediately or within 24 hours of the incident

 Non-Life-threatening or Serious Injuries

  • Fill out the employee first report of injury sheet. This sheet must be 100% accurate and filled out completely. You do not need to fill out the policy number portion or submit to Pinnacol directly.

  • Immediately notify and submit a copy of the first report of injury to: or fax to: 303-252- 7507
  • If the employee needs medical attention or is requesting follow-up care, provide them with the closest approved facility to care for his/her needs. The approved facilities are listed on the website.
  • Send the employee with a copy of the report of injury to the approved medical facility.
  • If the injury is after hours go to the nearest emergency room.
  • It is mandatory that each employee injured, if seeking medical attention, is drug-screened. You must remind your team member of the necessity of the drug testing within 24 hours of their actual injury. As a manager you must provide them with all necessary information.

Forms and Concentra Locations

Pinnacol Assurance Form
Providers List

Designated Provider List

  • Concentra Medical -Aurora North
    15235 E. 38 th Ave., Aurora, CO 80011
    303-340- 3053
  • Concentra Medical – Cherry Creek
    875 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246
    303-388- 3627
  • Rocky Mountain Medical – Aurora
    13650 E. Mississippi Ave, Ste 120, Aurora, CO 80012
    720-748- 7072
  • SCL Physicians – Broomfield
    12169 Sheridan Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80020
    303-603- 9400