Procedures for Promotions to Leadership Positions

A Leadership Opportunity at Mission Yogurt, Inc. is defined as the following positions:
  • Lead (Job Title)
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager/Senior Manager
  • General Manager/Kitchen Manager
  • If the internal applicant has worked for more than a year for Mission Yogurt, they must have up-to-date annual reviews completed and on file.
  • After receiving direct supervisor feedback and looking over the team member’s review files, HR will set up an interview with the internal candidate.
  • Upon interviewing all applicants, if the decision is made to promote a team member from within, HR will notify the applicant and direct supervisor.
  • Following the notification and award of a leadership position to an internal applicant, HR and the Direct Supervisor will be responsible for completing a position change orientation for the Team Member.
  • The position change orientation must be scheduled and completed before the official start date in the new position.
  • The completed POSITION CHANGE ORIENTATION FORM as well as a PAY RATE CHANGE FORM, must be completed and turned into HR to finalize the process.
  • All Leadership Opportunities will be posted to the Mission Yogurt, Inc. Website
  • If there is not a current posting and you are looking to add or create a new leadership position, this must be cleared and processed through HR@MISSIONYOGURT.COM.
  • All Internal candidates must submit a resume directly to @.MISSIONYOGURT.COM-***please note external candidates must submit to
  • Once the resume is submitted to HR@MISSIONYOGURT.COM. An HR Representative will contact the applicant’s direct supervisor for feedback and an endorsement.
  • If the internal applicants has worked less than year for Mission Yogurt, they must have had a 90 day review completed and on file.