For questions, concerns or clarification regarding Mission Yogurt, Inc.’s current state of affairs or response to COVID-19 please contact us at:

303-596-5436   |

We are available 24/7 to provide clarification. Answers to questions & concerns will be provided promptly oncecurrent & accurate information is available.


March 19, 2020

1. WE KNOW that our team is remaining strong and healthy!

2. WE KNOW that we are trying creative new ideas at Que Bueno Suerte. This weekend we will have a Suerte Farmers Market where we will sell prepackaged rice, sugar, Suerte spice blend, beans, and flour. Please help us spread the word.

3. WE KNOW we will be doing a LIVE online cooking class this Sunday where Chef Ivan at Suerte will teach guests how to make their own guacamole. Guests can purchase all ingredients needed at Suerte during the Farmers Market. Please help us spread the word.

March 18, 2020

1. WE KNOW that we have started the process for work-share programs in Colorado and California. More details will be announced in the coming days.

2. WE KNOW that Suerte has online ordering up and running with a plan to be available on Door Dash by Friday. Orders can currently be placed at  Every order receives FREE Chips and Salsa. Please share with your friends!

3. WE KNOW our team members are pulling together and helping each other out where needed. We have seen cooks and managers help running food.

4. WE KNOW we are still hiring. Visit to view available positions.

5. WE KNOW we are continuing to give employees as many hours as we can.

6. WE KNOW we are keeping all of our restaurants “Opening Day Fresh”.

7. WE KNOW that our employees have expressed gratitude for us keeping our restaurants open.

March 17, 2020

1. WE KNOW that Denver International Airport, San Diego Airport, and San Jose Airport locations (San Jose Joes, Einsteins, and Sip Savvy) are still operational at this time.  We will continue to monitor for updates. Both San Jose and San Diego Airports have had operational hours reduced and will follow those schedules accordingly.
2. WE KNOW that Que Bueno Suerte located in Denver, Colorado is operational for take out and delivery only per compliance with Colorado Governor’s State Mandate C.R.S 24-33.5-701 for the next 30 days (or until otherwise communicated by state officials).
3. WE KNOW that through yesterday, overall Company sales are down 17.4% for the month of March compared to last year.  Therefore, Operations and store management will be working towards at least a 20% reduction of scheduled labor at our locations. Schedule reductions will be made equally across the board.
4. WE KNOW that despite the reduced hours and sales, we are intending to keep all of our current team members employed
5. WE KNOW that there will be government resources available for financially impacted team members.  We will provide links to these assistance programs on our FAQs webpage listed below.  Our goal is to keep current team members employed and direct team members to these government resources to minimize the financial impact during these unique times.
6. WE KNOW that we have directed a couple of team members at Denver International Airport to stay home and seek the guidance of a health care professionals due to concerns about potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  We have requested that any team members who may be experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 seek guidance immediately from a health care professional and simultaneously notify store management and HR as soon as possible.  Mission Yogurt, Inc. is serious about everyone’s safety, health, and well-being and under no circumstances is anyone required to come to work that is feeling ill.   
7. WE KNOW that this is a constantly changing environment, and there will likely be additional questions, clarifications, or concerns from many team members.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use our newest communication process below:


For questions, concerns or clarification regarding Mission Yogurt, Inc.’s current state of affairs or response to COVID-19 please contact us at:

303-596-5436   |

We encourage our team members to stay vigilant for their own safety and health.  There is an option to politely give the guest a tissue and sanitizer if available.  Make sure to wash your hands frequently after guest interaction. Sanitize tables, seats, and menus after each guest leaves. 

We are working on getting a work share program set up for all of our locations in Colorado and California. This would offer some benefits while remaining employed with Mission.  In the meantime, team members may choose to explore any unemployment options by following Colorado or California state guidelines.  Please be advised that eligibility and guidelines are determined by the state.  Receiving state benefits could take up to 4-6 weeks and may only be a small portion of a team member’s current pay.  Therefore, Mission is dedicated to doing everything possible to keep our current team members employed and actively working throughout these challenging times. 

If any team member presents themselves at work with a fever or difficulty in breathing, this indicates that they should seek a medical evaluation. While these symptoms are not always associated with influenza and the likelihood of a team member having the COVID-19 coronavirus is extremely low, it pays to err on the side of caution. This would go for anybody who is also wanting to know about self-quarantine. We cannot make that decision for team members we can only make the suggestion that if they have questions to contact medical professionals and keep us informed. 

Airports have a unique need to provide food, products and services to passengers and employees who spend extended time at the airport and don’t have other food options. State officials and guidelines have asked airport restaurants to arrange tables and chairs so that people can maintain a distance of six feet apart, including in food court areas.  Mission will continue to stay up to date with any changing circumstances and will comply with all state and federal mandates as directed.

We are under a contractual obligation to the airport that we will honor until directed otherwise.  We feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to continue providing dine in service to travelers at this time.  We are also grateful that we can honor the need for many of our team members to continue working for their families.

Please work with your management team and team members to get your shifts covered. 

Please contact your manager and team members, there are people willing to pick up shifts.  We will respect everyone’s individual choice in regards to their employment status. Please contact management and/or HR for questions/concerns regarding your employment status.

The Department of Health and CDC do not recommend masks if you are not ill. Please make sure to wash hands frequently. Avoid touching your face. Cover your sneezes and coughs.