$50 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card + TV
$50 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card + Sound Bar
$50 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card + Headphones
$50 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card + Chromebook
$50 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card + Tablet
Welcome To The 2022 San Diego Virtual Prize Wheel

Enter your email address and information to spin the wheel. Thank you for being a Mission Yogurt Team Member.

Please observe the following rules:

  • One game per team member.
  • Cheaters will be disqualified.
    (Cheating is considered using more than one email for extra spins. If you spin more than once you will receive NO prizes.)
  • All employees will be verified prior to prize distribution.
    (Badge number, employee name, and the store will be verified. Make sure all three of these are correct or prize will not be rewarded.)
  • Prizes are limited to Mission Yogurt team members only.